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Current Trainers

At Pfahler Sport Specific we believe in not only hiring great athletes but great role models in the community as well. We make sure that the trainers we hire to coach the athletes are the best in the area for our athletes. The trainers we hire have an extensive experience at the college level and even at the professional level so that the athletes can gain an understanding from our trainers on what it takes to make the next level. Below are the current trainers. 

Jeanann L.

  • University of Montana Billings Basketball

Darrien G.

  • University of Montana State Basketball

  • University of Montana-Western Basketball

Alex M.

  • University of Montana Track and Field

  • US Olympic Bobsled

Geno L.

  • University of Montana Football

Jace H.

  • University of Montana Basketball

  • Overseas 

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