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Here at Pfahler Sport Specific we train athletes ranging from middle school, college level and even train athletes at the proffesional level.  


Steve Pfahler

Steve was born and raised in Montana. Growing up he had a deep passion for sports and weight lifting. Through his hard work and dedication during high school he landed a football scholarship at the University of Montana. After a successful career with four conference championships, Steve ended up playing for the Tennessee Titans for a year. When his NFL career ended Steve started training grade school and high school athletes. He started his own business and eventually opened his own gym, Pfahler Sport Specific. 

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Alyssa Pfahler

Alyssa was born and raised in Monroe, Washington. There she developed a love for the game of basketball. Being a basketball star in the state of Washington, she landed multiple Division 1 scholarships. She decided to play for the University of Montana. During her time there she won two conference championships. Alyssa then went on to play overseas professionally in Alexandria, Romania. After that finished she then came back to Pfahler Sport Specific to manage and train on the basketball side.

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Jordan Tripp
Jacksonville Jaguars,
Miami Dolphins

"If you’re looking to improve your performance; no matter the level you’re competing at Steven is where you need to be. If you choose to share your goal of being the best you can with Steven, he will hold you accountable and lay down a regimen for you to achieve that goal. If you choose to be your best know it won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Making the choice to train with Steven early in my career changed my life and how I approach my daily work."

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