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We are an experienced team of professional coaches, driven to help young athletes progress properly through their athletic career, and to help them reach their full potential. We coach science-based and experience proven movements, that best improve an athletes strength, speed, and power. All ages, and all potential levels that are motivated to become a better athlete are welcome at Pfahler Sport Specific. 



We are a team impassioned by the discipline of sports-performance. We teach our athletes the importance of consistency when it comes to training for sport, not just practicing them. It is the combination of training and practice that forms a superior, developed athlete over time.

We are invested professionally and personally in each athlete. Every athlete receives individualized programming based on their specific needs and strength levels. We attend as many sporting events as possible to watch and support our athletes.

Not only do we teach our athletes how to train the right way, we make sure they develop qualities such as showing up in a timely fashion, communication with an authority figure, organization of schedule, accountability, and perseverance.

We are confident that what we offer gives our athletes a superior advantage over their peers

and a greater opportunity for college recruiting interest. We are certain that Pfahler Sport

Specific provides a level of coaching and training that is not available anywhere else in the

Missoula area. We truly look forward to having the opportunity to coach your son and/or daughter and to be a part of the positive scholastic sporting experience.


Chase Reynolds

University of Montana Football, LA Rams Running Back

"PSS gave me the opportunity to train at the highest level right here in Missoula. Their knowledge and passion for improving not only an athletes ability on the field but their everyday life is what makes this place special. I've sent all of my kids to train with Steve and Allyssa because I understand and believe in the product they are producing. Whether you are looking to improve your sport, strength, speed or just need a positive role model, I highly recommend PSS!"
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