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Chase Reynolds

University of Montana Football, LA Rams Running Back

"PSS gave me the opportunity to train at the highest level right here in Missoula. Their knowledge and passion for improving not only an athletes ability on the field but their everyday life is what makes this place special. I've sent all of my kids to train with Steve and Allyssa because I understand and believe in the product they are producing. Whether you are looking to improve your sport, strength, speed or just need a positive role model, I highly recommend PSS!"

What Athlete's Say

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"Steven and Alyssa’s coaching knowledge and ability is surpassed only by their character. They are great at helping athletes develop their physical abilities. More importantly, though, they are great at helping young people develop a sense of responsibility, a work ethic, and positive goals, all within a supportive and friendly environment."

Alex Mustard

 University of Montana Track and Field, US Olympic Bobsled

Tom & Heather Harrington

"All four of our kids train at the Pfahler gym. PSS and Pfahler Hoops isn’t just in the business of basketball and strength training. Alyssa, Steven and their team of coaches also provide life mentoring and how to develop a competitive mindset. PSS and Pfahler Hoops has given my kids better basketball skills, strength, and agility. More importantly, the training has given our kids self-confidence, a positive competitive approach to life and sports, and the mental toughness you need to succeed in sports and life."

Jess & Heather Ramos

"We have seen Mason become a better athlete both physically and mentally since he started training at Pfahler.  The results of his training have quickly increased his overall athleticism, endurance, strength, and skill level.  This has directly translated to his game, and has also increased his confidence.  We love the family atmosphere at Pfahler and appreciate the personal interest our son has received from everyone he has worked with."

Amanda and Rodney Lincoln

"Since our boys have been in the program they are more athletic, their speed has increased, and they have become stronger. This will help them avoid the possibility of an athletic career-ending injury. By following the Pfahler program, athletes gain a competitive edge, which can propel them to the next level and make playing collegiate sports attainable. They have given our boys the hands-on training and proper techniques to reach and maintain their goals. These tools can be used throughout life.


As parents, our goal for our children is to raise them to be strong, confident, caring men in society. With Steven and Alyssa as role models in their lives, our boys are further guided down that path. Thank you, Pfahlers, for including us in your family and for the passion and love for all you do.

What Parent's Say

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